Monday, July 5, 2010


Weather is really good. I love weather. I love rain and snow.

I'm a good Bubba. I do really good. I'm silly.

Thank you for your comments. I liked hearing who commented and talking about where you are from.


  1. Sean, do you know I'm from San Diego? It's a good thing you don't live here, because we have no snow and very little rain! :-)
    I like reading about weather more than being in it myself...

  2. your blog is looking great! I love to read it and I love you! Dasha is having fun down here but she really misses you! Can't wait to read your next post!

  3. Sean I'm from Canada, so we get lots of snow! I like lots of snow because it's not as cold when it snows lots. Sometimes we don't get much snow in the winter and then it's no fun because it's really very cold and we don't even have pretty snow to look at or to play in to make it all better. I also really like it when sometimes the trees get ice on them and then they are all sparkly like a million diamonds in the sun. It's like God's very own crystal collection!

  4. Sean,
    Your snowy trees picture reminds me of the refreshing, crisp feel of a cold winter's morning. That is a welcomed feeling because it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit today in Georgia. I live in a town just west and a little north of Atlanta called Hiram. Great job on your blog!

    Trish (Briarandthistle)

  5. I'm from Canada as well, but we do NOT get lots of snow. I live on the west coast near Vancouver. People call in the "Wet Coast" over here! I like snow too, but we did not get any at all last winter.

  6. Hi Sean! I'm from Missouri. We have great weather here. Lots of tornadoes and thunderstorms, lots of heat, sometimes snow and ice, sometimes hail. We like to joke here that if you don't like the weather, wait a minute....Lol. Because it is always changing. Right now I live in St. Charles, which is near St. Louis, near the Arch. But I grew up in southern Missouri, near Arkansas on a farm. It's really pretty here.

  7. Seanie my angel. Im here in the middle Oklahoma :D Oklahoma weather is CRAZY! (close to how Donnas is) Tornados, hail, rain, floods, windy, lots of heat..