Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am a Good Bubba

I love everybody. Everybody smells nice. I love weather. I love the world. I love you. Cows are so soft. I love cows; they are sweet and round. Round is good. Round is foxy. Round is good. Round is licky.


  1. Your a wonderful bubba! Remember No1lefthere loves you angel!!

  2. Hey Sean,
    I enjoy reading your blog and thank you for the reminder that round is licky. So, I have decided that the best round licky thing to have is an icecream cone. yummmmyyyyyy.

    Michelle Griffith aka Doc

  3. Sean Thank you for sharing with us. Love is the best thing to share and you have done just that!

  4. Sean,
    I love your Blog background - it is so weathery, and looks like you could just lick the raindrops right off the screen! Your thoughts are so poetic and beautiful. You speak in poetic thoughts! Good job. I'll try to remember to check your Blog often (I'm not too good at doing that, but yours is worth reading). Love you!

  5. Sean, so cool that you have a blog – I will try to remember to check it! I love cows, too.


  6. Sean - I love your blog! I like weather, too! Do you ever get weather from
    I like it because it has tons of history; I can see what it was like last year or last month :-)

  7. Love your blog Sean! I look forward to more of your poetic insights!
    ps I love cows too!

  8. I love chickens better than cows. They are round and it doesn't hurt when they step on your foot!

  9. hi sean!!

    its me ~ flgirl =) i love reading your blog!! it makes me smile and it makes me feel happy! keep on blogging!!!


  10. Hi Sean! Wolfy here! What a cool blog! I didn't know cows were soft! I thought their fur would be a bit rough like a lot of dogs are. I have a cat called Houdini that looks like a cow. She is white and has big black spots on her like a cow and she's fat! Her name is Houdini, but I like to call her Houdini Moo Cat. *laughs* Want to see a picture of her? Here is a picture of her hanging off part of my little boy's bed. This picture was taken when I was moving my boys into a new bedroom. Houdini likes to hang off things... she's funny that way. My youngest boy is in that picture too... he was trying to be just like Houdini. :0) Have a great day Sean!

  11. Sean,

    I enjoyed your blog post. I think it is a beautiful poem.


  12. Sean you are such an awesome young man. I have enjoyed getting to know you. You bring a smile to everybody & light up our classroom. Thank you for giving me the privilege of being your teacher in both elementary & high school. My life is so much better because you are in it.

    Mrs. Margie